All Kinetic Fit Works Inc sales are final.

Kinetic Fit Works Inc warranty covers the following:
**These timelines are from date of original purchase**

  • 6 months = Backs and closing clasps.
  • 1 year = Internal mechanism.

What is not covered:

  • Shipping charges to and from for repair/replacement
  • Any obvious excessive force (or moisture exposure) that causes damage to the unit is not covered under this limited warranty. Examples include but are not limited to: broken or crushed LCD
  • Screen, push buttons damaged or pulled out, rust in the unit.
  • No exchanges or credit for replacement of units that have been marked or altered.
  • Batteries are a non-warranty item.
  • Unclaimed returned products will be considered abandoned after 60 days.

Returned Merchandise Application (RMA):

Before sending in any unit for repair or replacement, please call our office at (630) 340-5168 to obtain an RMA authorization number.

Repairs not covered under the limited warranty.

OPTION 1 (Kinetic Fit Works In-House Repair)

The cost per unit for back repairs is $3.99 (cost of clip + labor, slip or alligator style) plus the cost of shipping**. Please call for a quote before sending your units in. Repaired units will be shipped once payment is made.

We offer replacement and installation of new batteries for your units. Cost for this service is $3.99 per unit (battery + labor) plus the cost of shipping**. Please call for a quote before sending your units in.

**(shipping costs include shipment to our facility and returned to you).

OPTION 2 (Do-it-yourself Repair)

Do the repair yourself and SAVE! Only $1.95 each! (plus cost of shipping, slip style or alligator style). Each clip includes 2 new pins needed for the repair. (Recommended equipment needed to perform the repairs are a pair of tin snips and a simple pair of pliers – both of which can be purchased at any local hardware store). For a step-by-step guide on how to perform a replacement, please see the video on our website.

Alternatively, you may choose to purchase batteries from us for only $1.95 each to install yourself. Every battery order also comes with a free mini screwdriver. Special bulk pricing is available.