Physical Activity Packs – KineticFitWorks EL-5


The Kinetic Fit Works Elite 3D Physical Activity Pack includes:

  • Kinetic Fit Works™ Elite 3D Pedometers
  • Closing Storage Case
  • Loss Prevention Straps for all pedometers
  • Set of numbers (1-100) for identification
  • Assorted posters
  • Private Labeling available upon request
  • Free Membership to WalkSmart Active Schools!
  • A more affordable alternative to fitbit.
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Physical Activity Packs – KineticFitWorks Elite

A five function model that offers more features for those who want the most out of their walks. Available in graphite grey. A more affordable alternative to fitbit.

Elite Pedometer Functions:
• Step Counter
• Distance Displayed in Miles Walked
• Caloric Burn Counter
• Activity Time
• Clock
Elite Pedometer Features:
• Extra Large Digital Display
• Delayed Reset Button
• Hinged Protective Cover
• Durable Construction
• Removable Coin Battery

• Battery Conservation Mode
• Grey spring-loaded alligator clip

As everyone knows, walking is one of the best exercises that can be done. Its low impact, is successful at getting the blood moving and heart rate up and is an activity that anyone can do anywhere. Its also an activity that isn’t limiting by ones age, ethnicity or status. Getting in the habit of daily walking exercise will not only add years to one life but help in keeping one’s outlook positive and healthy.

Here at KineticFitWorks we not only manufacture and distribute superior and affordable pedometers, but we are active proponents of the walking and running lifestyles.

Keep your family and yourself active by using our 3D Sensor technology, this allows you you to place the activity tracker anywhere on your body and still register your overall steps.  We always recommend placing the pedometer on your waistline to improve the accuracy of your recorder steps.  While most companies like Fitbit, Nike, and Garmin have opted to use wristband trackers, this does not truly reflect the amount of steps taken since the motion of your arms affects the overall step count.  And remember, the daily recommended amount of steps is an average of 10,000 a day.



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