DataWorks Hub


Totally unique way to gather the data of a large number of pedometer units and transfer to mobile devices and/or patented DataWorks Solution program.

Hub is to be used in conjunction with DataWorks Software solution and the individual EXP-Pro accelerometer units themselves.

How many Hubs do you need?


We are all aware of FitBit, Gopher, etc.. and you may even use them. There is no denying that they cover the market for those who want either a cheap or over priced unit, to only deal with single measures of activity. But who can help if you have 30 students and you want to access ALL of their activity information INSTANTLY.. and transport it to a program to examine, and do it all wirelessly? No one, thats who. Until Now..

Thats right. We turned the pedometer industry on its ear 10 years ago with our cutting edge units, and we have done it again with our newest tool – the EXP-Pro. The EXP-Pro is our latest pedometer solution that is so revolutionary, that we have a design patent on the unit and a technology patent on the accompanying software!

You have 3 classes, 30 kids in each class. The first class has come in from their activity, all wearing pedometers. Now its time to collect that information. So, what do you do? Stand the kids in a line and have them come up to you one, by one, and give you their activity numbers, which half of them have faked? For 30 kids that will easily take up at least ten minutes of valuable class time, and keep in mind there are two more classes to deal with.

Imagine if all you had to do was click on button and ALL the activity information from ALL 30 units would instantly upload to a program which would allow you immediate access to each child’s step count, calorie burn, activity time, moderate time, vigorous time and more! Now, imagine that you can use those SAME 30 pedometers that your first class used, for your second and even, thirds classes! You CAN, and the EXP-Pro allows this to happen.

We are so excited about the possibilities the EXP-Pro has and the power that it places into the hands of our educators. The time savings alone is stupendous, not to mention the cost savings of being able to use the same units over and over. With a 2 year battery life and a one year unconditional warranty, the use of the EXP-Pro is a no brainer for any institution who values information and convenience of use.


Please let us know if you have any questions.