About us


That is the basic ideal on which Kinetic Fit Works was created. Movement provides so many physical and mental benefits that, that without it, life would not be able to be enjoyed at the level and quality, that it was meant to. As a result, it became our mission to create, and make available, quality, usable and forward-thinking tools which would enhance the quality of movement, therefore, the quality of your life.

Kinetic Fit Works’ existence is not based on the sale of activity based “movement: products, but rather the lifestyle of activity. This is why, Kinetic Fit Works created our solutions initially aiming at school districts, Athletic Directors and our children. Our youth is our future, so what better way to instill these important movement related ideals than to assist our kids in being active, and having fun doing it. Kids also became a great group to create for, because when we created product that could pass the “kid test”, we knew that it would be rugged for any user. Kids show no mercy, and are very honest, so there is no guessing what they are thinking, or how the units are being used. With this information, we are happy to say that it helps us to make our units darn near indestructible.

The goals for Kinetic Fit Works, moving forward, is to make our innovative and easily scalable activity measuring solutions, available to all those groups wanting to easily measure and evaluate their activity. Up until this point, the measurement of “group” activity was impossible; at least easily and through the use of pedometer type devices. Now, thanks to the relentless R&D departments here at Kinetic Fit Works, not only can groups measure their data, but they can do so simultaneously AND wirelessly! For more information on this exciting new technology click here, otherwise we want to thank you for our interest in Kinetic Fit Works, but more importantly, your interest in the health of our country.

Thank you,

Kinetic Fit Works crew