Go Green

Go Green with us!

It doesn’t matter whether it works or not. Send it or bring it to us and we will give you $5 off the purchase of a new Kinetic Fit Works pedometer.  We’d rather not add waste to the landfills.

We’re so serious about recycling that we’ll take ANY manufacturer’s pedometer and give you the $5 credit.  Bring us one or a hundred we’ll take them all.

Did you know that Kinetic Fit Works pedometers can be custom labeled to meet your program’s needs?  We provide this service at no additional cost to you.

To meet your activity needs our pedometers have numerous function configurations, many, unique to our models. Our green battery save mode will extend the life of your power source. Our delayed reset feature will eliminate accidental data loss. Check out our activity time feature that records time spent in activity as you move. Regarding our continuous bouts of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity(MVP) feature, the surgeon general and CDC recommend 30 minutes per day of MVP activity. To be most beneficial it should be in continuous bouts of greater than ten minutes and our MVP model records that for you. Check out our product line for other great features.